National Horse Games


Ulak-tartysh (or kok-boru) is a fight between two teams of riders for a goat carcass. Apparently, the game originally historically developed in antiquity when herds of cattle grazed in the steppes and mountains all year round - exposed to possible attacks by wolves.  Having no firearms, the shepherds could not deal with wolves. Brave djigits (horse riders) chased after the wolves until the beasts of prey fell, and then they began beating them with sticks and lashes, trying to snatch them away from each other.   

It is also said that the game was devised to train skilled horsemen - helping warriors to learn the secrets of horsemanship and combat on horseback. Over the course of time, the place of the wolf was taken by the carcass of  of a goat.  The skin endures the heat of battle well, and their long hair is easy to grab hold of. 

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