National Horse Games

Kyz kuumai

(or Chasing After the Bride). In older days this game was a part of the wedding ritual. According to the rules the bride was given the best racer and she was entitled to a head start on her horse that began the race. The bridegroom set out in pursuit to catch up with her, in this way proving his love and right to marry her. Being at a disadvantage with the slower horse the bridegroom sometimes failed to catch up with his fiancée. Yet, although she might beat him with her Kamchi (or horse-whip) she did not reject him and the wedding would be held all the same.

At present this traditional folk game is usually held during holidays for example in the green meadows of high mountain pastures, (jailoo) or on racecourses.


 Kyz kuumai


 Tyiyn enmei