Horses in the Kyrgyz culture and history

Welcome to our website "Horses in the Kyrgyz culture and history".


This is one of a series of websites which is planned to cover the many different aspects of Kyrgyzstan: the people and their traditional lifestyle and culture; the places and the history of the country; and (especially as we are a tour company) about the tourism potential of the country and the region.


The reason we are creating these sites is that we find many people know little about this small country in the heart of the Asian continent, and which straddles the ancient Silk Road. As a result they have many questions.


We hope that the websites will answer some of these questions and also introduce the country to a wider audience. We hope that you find the site interesting and helpful. We welcome your comments and suggestions as to how we can make it more so.


This particular site concentrates on the place of the horse in traditional Kyrgyz society. Horses have played an important role in the daily lives of Kyrgyz for many centuries. For many centuries the Kyrgyz were nomadic herdsmen and shepherds and the horse provided many of their daily needs: a means of transport in times of both peace and war; a beast of burden; provided food (meat) and drink (kumys) and served as a measure of wealth.